10 Habits of a Successful Person

10 Habits of a Successful Person

10 Habits of a Successful Person

Look around you, don’t you see normal human beings on a whole different level than you. Why is this? Do they get more hours in a day than you? Are they really smarter than you? No! The reason they reach where there are, is simply because of certain habits and traits they have.




In this article, we shall see what are the habits and traits these successful people have that set them apart from the rest. Since the word success can mean differently to different people, I’d want you to know that the word ‘success’ here doesn’t necessarily refer to only being rich but being great in what one wants to achieve.





The Right Mindset

The right mindset – I couldn’t harp more on this. And hence I also placed it at the top. The trait that all successful people have, is the right mindset. Mindset is basically the way you think and is responsible for the other traits and habits that follow. Let’s say you want to become a Billionaire. A person with a great mindset will only think of ways to become a Billionaire even if all the odds are stacked up against the person. He will learn what it takes to get there.




Many people have limiting beliefs. Just like how you don’t notice many things that’s around you, our brain is like that. If the brain isn’t aware of a particular idea, it won’t be able to think and be creative in that way. Having the right mindset will open paths for you.





The Ability to Bounce Back from Setbacks

The right mindset is everything. Most of us only see the success of great people. But do you know the time and hardships that people have to go through to get there? In most journeys failure is inevitable. And at times, it’s not failure once or twice, it’s much more than that. Look at the Author of Harry Potter – J.K Rowling, if she didn’t persist through the number of rejections to get her book published, Harry Potter would have never been born. How many of us can take the blows and still stand up?




Just imagine, how many people haven’t realized their dreams or success only because they’ve given up too quickly and easily. But you don’t have to be one of them. Improve every time you fail just like Thomas Edison. He attempted so many times to create the light bulb. Each time he failed, he learnt that wasn’t the way to make the light bulb.





Take Action

Friends, how many of us have ideas of starting something great? Most of us right. Whether it is to start a business or as simple as to lose weight. Now ask yourself honestly, why haven’t you achieved success in that area? Because most of you haven’t started as yet or taken any action. Some of you are afraid of failing (here your mindset plays an important role) and the others give up too easily after their first failure.




It’s important to research and gain knowledge, hence you’ve reached here. But most people, get caught in the hamster’s wheel and don’t progress. People just read or watch videos online and don’t take any action.




Let’s take an example. You want to lose weight. You’ve read and watched videos on how to lose weight. But are you doing the exercise regularly and maintain a proper diet? This is where our next important trait comes in – discipline.






After mindset, discipline is the most important trait you must have. Discipline is sticking to things that you’ve set goals to even when you find it boring. You don’t have to have cold showers to be disciplined, that could just act a reminder. This was something I hated back as a kid, but I’ll tell you it’s one of the best ways to be discipline and that is setting up a time-table and sticking to it.






To be successful in anything, you have to be consistent and this how you develop good habits. Research says that if you stick to doing something for 21 days straight, it will become a habit. Habits are basically actions that you do without much mental effort but creating these habits requires discipline and consistency.




Let me show you the power of consistency. Building a house feels overwhelming right? But just imagine if you had to place just one brick each day, won’t it get built one day? (You get the idea right.)




Let’s say you want to get rid of a habit of yours. (You know what it is) You will need to acknowledge it firstly then be aware of it and stop doing it. To do this effectively, you will need what we called self-control.



10 habits of a successful person


You must have heard of the marshmallow experiment among kids. The kids who can control themselves to have two marshmallows later on, exhibit a high self-control. This is important trait and habit to have if you want to become successful in whatever you wish. It’s very important in removing bad habits so you can make way for healthy ones.

The pleasures and distractions in today’s world are many. The one who has self-control to control their desires for easy momentary pleasures, can use their energy and time to become successful in their field. Successful people have a great control over their emotions. They don’t let their emotions get the better of them.

For example:  If you want to lose weight, but if you can’t control your cravings and just munch on unhealthy stuff, then sorry to break it to you, you won’t get there.

Take care of themselves

You shouldn’t underestimate this. Taking care of your health and appearance is very important. Your physical and mental health is your wealth; don’t you forget that. Eat well, drink enough water and sleep well. Get a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sleep in a day. Make it a habit. You will be able to attack the day better. 

Set some time in a day to exercise and learn to be calm. Don’t just concentrate on your outer appearance, but take care of your mind too. Discipline yourself to avoid the hustle and bustle of life at least for 10 minutes. If you’re sick, you’ll not have the energy and concentration to do what you want.

Keep learning

Successful people know that they don’t know everything and learn to increase their knowledge. You can increase your knowledge by being informed. Read informative book, watch resourceful videos and listen to knowledge talk. The moment you think, you know everything that’s the day you will degenerate and the world will go by you.


They say your Network is you Net Worth and all for the right reasons. Having the right people in your life will make it so much easier for you get become successful. The positive ideas and habits will rub off on you too. Have you ever noticed children in school? Look a child’s friend circle who has good grades, you’ll notice, they took have.

In life, networking brings you the right connections which simply helps traject you towards success. Be sociable and likable. Pretty sure you’d want to connect with certain people because of the value they can add to your life, right? Ask yourself, what value can I add to their lives?


Successful people know what they want and aren’t shy of going after what they want. They plan their day and prioritise what they what to get done. They are definitely assertive and don’t mince their words. They focus on what is important and have to say No to people and distractions.

For example: If you want to stand first in your class, you must prioritise your studies. You might have to say no to certain invites from your friends.

Final thoughts

Being successful is attainable. But it requires certain trait and habits. If being successful were easy, firstly all would get there and it wouldn’t be desirable anymore. By priotising what you want, having the right mindset, overcoming failure, being disciplined and definitely taking action you will be successful without a doubt. So, do you have what it takes to be successful?

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