Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Advantages and Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Ever debated in your mind whether to put your child to a regular school or just homeschool him or her? In this blog will shall understand what homeschooling and online learning resources are and see the pros and cons of homeschooling, so that you’ll be able to make a better decision.


The definition of Homeschooling and online learning resources:

Homeschooling in simple words means educating the child at home by a parent or a guardian. Here, the parents or guardians tailor out what the child will learn at different stages by setting the required curriculum, time period of learning and what online learning material to use to educate the child.

Of late homeschooling has become popular. Many parents are choosing this form of educating their child. And well for the right reasons. In a world that is getting very competitive and parents being educated themselves understand the need to filter out and teach exactly what the child needs to learn. This saves a lot of time and unwanted stress that the child needs to go through.

In this method, the child gets individual attention and will be more comfortable in addressing doubts that they face in the learning process. Parents using age appropriate online learning resources can facilitate better learning outcomes.

There are various curriculum options for homeschoolers. A little research on them and understanding what you’d want for your child can expedite the learning process.

Let’s be fair, most of us have gone through the traditional method of being taught in a school. And was it that bad? Definitely not. What all we learn from going to a school, can’t be learnt in homeschooling. Hold on, I’m not talking about the academic’s part. Learning how to get along with one’s peers, how to be more social and handle life are valuable lessons that one learns from going to school too. But if your child does have time to socialize with his peers then homeschooling would be great.

You should also understand that homeschooling though great, can have its challenges.

Parents will need to spend a lot of their valuable time with their child to see their progress and teach them along the way and at times since you might be the only one they see continuously; it can be frustrating for you as well as them.

It can be financially demanding too since one would need to spend on the online learning resources.

The child could be deprived of having friends and interacting with his peers. This can be taken care of as instructed above.

Might be a bit stressful researching, finding the learning material and planning the lessons for your child.

Now since we’ve seen a few things that might make us lean more on regular schooling, let’s create a better balance. 

Why homeschooling would be the most appropriate for you and your child?

You have the time and money for it:

I can’t stress more that it’s no easy job but if you have the patience and the financial backing you need, you’re on the right path. You’ll need to spend your valuable time educating your child. But the positive thing about this, is that you will definitely have a deep and strong emotional connection with your child.


 You can teach what you want and when you want. You are the parent, teacher and the Principal of your child. You can see what is the best for your child to learn and when to learn. It will definitely save some precious time of your child’s life.

Intelligent and Emotional Stable: 

As opposed to the common belief that the kid will become an introvert etc. These kids are more sure of themselves (since they are getting individual attention which will help them understand concepts better) and usually have a higher self-esteem that helps them get along better with society. Plus, they don’t have to go through the emotional torture of bully. But we should also understand that certain obstacles in life, bring out the best in us.  Now having your child go out and play and socialize is important too.

Faster Learning and specific learning:

Since you have the control to teach your child what they need to learn, they’ll be usually far ahead of their school going peers. This will depend of variety of factors too.

The Online Learning Material

There are many websites that will help you draw out the best from your child. Do a bit research depending on what part of the world you belong to, and see what best fits your child.


We need to understand that we can’t discredit the Regular School System, both ways have their pros and cons. Depending what your goals are and what fits you and your child, should be the right option for you. We need to understand that no two individuals are the same, and hence we say we are unique. Some kids may need more attention, while some may not. Whatever you choose, sit down with your child and take their opinion too in this matter. Tomorrow you’d not want them to blame you. 

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