10 Tips to Survive the First Year of Parenting

10 tips to survive the first year of parenting

10 Tips to Survive the First Year of Parenting

You’re definitely here since you are a parent or soon going to be a parent or maybe you’re just curious. Congrats if you are a joyous parent. The road you’re going to undertake is going to be exciting as well as cumbersome, but definitely one full of adventures. 

The first year of parenthood is definitely one of the toughest phases of being a parent, if not the toughest. You’re definitely going to lose sleep, a few petty fights will occur between you and your spouse, when it comes to changing diapers and so on;  you get the point. It can all seem overwhelming but don’t panic; if your parents have done it, remember you can pull it off too. Well in case, you’re panicking or just want to be prepared, here are ten tips a parent needs on his or her journey on being a parent in the first year.

  1. Try to sleep when the baby sleeps

Babies can have an erratic sleeping pattern that goes saying without a doubt. It would be wise to take a short nap when your baby is sleeping since this will help you save and restore your energy when you’ll need it to attend to the baby’s needs. So leave the house chores aside for some time. Help create a sleeping pattern for the baby which will definitely help you.

  1. Create routines

Creating routines for your baby is key for them getting accustomed to the different activities like feeding time, nap time and so on. And how to develop a routine you might well ask. Simple, by doing something regularly at the same time every day. This is how you could help create the baby’s nap time too.

  1. Don’t feel afraid to ask for help

Taking care of your new-born baby is certainly a fulltime task. Ask your parents, grandparents, friends for help at times to look after the child for some time or do help with the house chores. Employing a maid too could help, if you have the money to do so. But don’t be too uptight to get help for yourself too.

  1. It’s important to self-care

Being a responsible parent is a wonderful thing. And performing your task as a rookie parent can get you caught up with just  caring for the baby and neglecting yourself in the process. It’s important to get some personal time for yourself. Go for a walk, relax and do some things for yourself. Remember, you can’t pour out from an empty cup. Get energised by giving time for yourself so that you can give your best to your child.

  1. Trust your gut feelings

Being a parent for the first time can certainly feel like you don’t know much and hence you might be researching a lot. Plus your friends and others would definitely, with good intentions, give you plenty of advice. Listen to them, filter things but remember to trust your instincts. Not always what works with one will work with all.

  1. Always be ready for the unexpected

Be prepared,. Do a little research. New-borns will surely surprise you. So be armed with extra diapers, first aid kits, and thermometers and so on. Keep emergency contacts ready but most important be calm. Being calm would just help you carry out these tasks efficiently.

  1. Connect with your friends who are parents and other parents

When you become a parent, your responsibilities increase. You will tend to get completely caught up in your job of being a parent. This could make your feel isolated. I’d suggest you connect with friends who are parents or join a community wherein you could socialise, get advice and support.

  1. Prioritize self-compassion

They say nobody is perfect for a reason. As a parent you could make a few mistakes. Learn to go easy on yourself; after all you are sailing in uncharted waters. Practise self-compassion, learn to forgive yourself if you error and don’t be hard on yourself. Learn from your errors.

  1. Don’t forget to take care of your relationship

Many mothers I’ve noticed are doing a great job taking care of their new-borns but ladies don’t forget your husbands. Don’t forget to spend time with them too. And husbands do understand your wives; support them with your love too. Make it a religious commitment to spend quality time together even if it’s for a short time. This will definitely have a great impact on your child’s development too.

  1. Don’t forget to enjoy the moments

Taking care of a new-born can definitely be overwhelming but don’t forget to cherish the moments you have with your little one – whether it might be as simple as putting on their diaper or hugging them. Your little one will grow big before your know it, so live and enjoy the process of taking care of your baby through the challenging time as well as the good moments. And don’t forget to capture these moments, since now we have technology.


Don’t stress too much, I’d say. Follow these ten points and it’ll guide you through the first year of your parenthood. Remember to cherish the good as well the challenging times. Most importantly take care of yourself too. Your child will definitely grow well under your care. Stop overthinking too much; you shall definitely make it work. You’re tougher than you know you are. 

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